Business student attends party exclusively for networking purposes

Junior business student John McDevitt showed up to a party at the Kappa Sigma House on N. 11th Street with a pile of resumes in his hand and a stack of business cards in his pocket. McDevitt paused at the front stoop for a moment to button his jacket and straighten his already-straight red tie.

“I’m ready to find myself an employer,” McDevitt said before confidently striding in to the party.

This is hardly a first for McDevitt, who has shown up to a dozen parties this past year to network with potential future co-workers. Sophomore public relations major Carrie Jensen says that just about everyone has seen McDevitt on Kilbourn Avenue at one point or another.

“Oh, all my friends are connected with him on LinkedIn,” Jensen said. “Every weekend, he has a few too many Fireballs and starts endorsing people for things. Just last week he got drunk and endorsed me for the entire Microsoft Office suite.”

McDevitt arrived at that point earlier than usual on this particular night. After chugging a Keystone Light, he walked up to a girl with bright blonde hair and began intently talking to her. After a few minutes, McDevitt gave her a business card and exchanged a firm handshake. He then walked back toward the bar.

“That’s how you do it,” McDevitt said.

Other students may soon be following McDevitt’s lead. Dane Blighton, the assistant director of Marquette’s career services center, says that networking at a party, while challenging, could be effective. Elevator pitches in particular are effective at parties, according to Blighton, because “nobody wants more details than that.”

“I mean, have you ever even been to a college party? You can’t have a conversation that lasts more than fifteen words. If you can talk over the music, you’re so in.”

Voice volume can definitely be counted among McDevitt’s strong suits. He puts those skills to full effect on the dance floor, where he is simultaneously twerking and yelling his mission statement at several fraternity brothers.




Business cards changed hands and tentative dates for a follow-up party were discussed. Just another rager of many in the life of a successful social influencer.

“This is what you need to do in order to get ahead in life,” McDevitt said. “Some day, these incoherent conversation with plastered freshmen are going to lead to a six-figure salary.”

Photo by Ian Schrank

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