Student sits in different seat: throws everyone off

A statistics professor reported tensions growing among his students when sophomore Allison Stein sat in a different seat than usual at the beginning of class. Even though there is no official seating chart, the change threw everyone off.

"People started giving me strange looks and death glares," said Stein, recounting the aftermath of her poor decision. "Mr. Carey said there was no assigned seating, so I didn't think it mattered."

"Oh, it matters," said junior Justin Patel. "She sat in my seat, so I had to move over, which meant that Matt had to move over, and then Jamey had to move over, and then Harsh had to move over. Eventually the entire fourth row was displaced."

The class dragged on for a whole hour and 15 minutes, and the students had to endure sitting in the wrong seats the entire time. Many students wished Stein would return to her seat and restore order, but people like freshman Allen Ramos thought Stein should stand her ground.

"I can't help but admire what she did today," said Ramos. "I have been sitting in the very front row all semester just because I cam in late the first couple of days. After seeing her act of bravery, I was inspired to move to the back where I can look at my phone whenever I want! I stand by Allison Stein."

Students everywhere have been expressing their support and solidarity for Stein with the #IStandWithAllison. Stein herself is moved by the overwhelming support.

"Honestly, I still don't see why this is a big deal," Stein said overcome with emotion.

The Office of Student Development released a statement saying that "this behavior will not be tolerated" and Stein will be facing disciplinary action in the coming weeks.

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