McCormick finally starts sinking into the ground. Eyewitness reports "it was lit tho"

Rumors about McCormick Hall have been circulating Marquette University for years, including a rumor that the building will eventually sink into the ground. That rumor turned out to be true on Wednesday morning.

The iconic residence hall reportedly began descending into the Earth after the building's foundation collapsed. Freshman Dylan Blake saw the thing whole go down.

"It was insane. Like, I was chilling with my boys when the whole place started shaking," Blake said. "The room started going sideways and all our furniture started sliding to the wall. Then it stopped and everything settled back down, so we kept the party going."

Only floors 1 and 2 were submerged underground when the building came to a halt. The top floors, other than being askew, remain largely unchanged. McCormick dining hall will be closed for the foreseeable future, but according to Blake most students are "not really broken up about that."

"Honestly, I'm glad that sound was just the structural failure of the building's base and not an RA knocking on my door," Blake admitted. "I don't want to get written up again, but I can't not celebrate being done with midterms, you know?"

The university issued a statement Wednesday morning assuring that no one was harmed and that the issue is "nothing to worry about."

"We understand why some people might be concerned, but McCormick Hall is still completely safe," the statement said. "Students and visitors will be required to burrow underground to the front desk where they will still swipe in as they usually do."

Many wonder how this will affect Marquette's Master Plan that was unveiled last week, but the university claims that this will not delay any future projects.

"After careful consideration, the university has decided that no repairs are necessary," the statement said. "As long as most of the building remains above ground we should be fine. Besides, we are making a new one anyway."

McCormick residents are already adapting to their new slanted lifestyle. Blake and his roommate began nailing furniture to the floor and personal belongings to the furniture, in case of future sinking.

"It hasn't been that bad in all honesty," Blake said. "The view out my window went from the Milwaukee sky to the Ardmore across the street, but you know, now that's on my radar for Junior year."

Many students were woken up by the collapse. RHA has yet to release a statement regarding the building itself violating quiet hours. The Golden Seagull is following this story as it develops.

Photos by Ian Schrank

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