Marquette abolishes Gen Eds after student asks "Why do we even have to learn this?"

MILWAUKEE - Marquette University announced Friday morning that it will abolish the Core of Common Studies after a student asked why he and his classmates “even have to learn this?”

The student was Billy Harris, a freshman in the Opus College of Engineering who is currently enrolled in PHIL 1001: Philosophy of Human Nature. It was during a review session for the upcoming midterm exam that Harris made the paramount revelation.

“This is all pointless,” Harris said. “When in my life will I ever need to know what a bunch of old Greek guys said at a Sympodium?”

The class fell silent, overcome with the realization that there is no point in studying philosophy. No one was more moved by Harris’ words than the professor of the class, Dr. Rupert Miles.

“Why study something if you are never going to be asked specific questions about it in the working world? It just doesn’t make sense,” Dr. Miles said. “I have been teaching philosophy for over twenty years, but now I can see that there is no value in it for someone who isn’t majoring in it. I knew I had go all the way up with this”

Dr. Miles brought the issue to the administrative boards of the university, and the members made the unanimous decision to abolish the Core of Common Studies.

“We found that many of the credit requirements like History, Literature, and Mathematics were just not useful to students not majoring in that field of study,” the university said in Friday’s press release. “College is all about preparing for future jobs. If a class does not directly help you get a job, then there is no point in taking it.”

Starting with the class of 2021, students will not be required to take classes for the Core of Common Studies in order to graduate. Current students can sign up for the new graduation requirements on Checkmarq before December 1.

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