Student Daredevil crosses Wisconsin Avenue before walk sign is on

MILWAUKEE – On Monday, Jonathan Marston did the improbable by successfully crossing Wisconsin Avenue at the 11 the street crosswalk 7 full seconds before the walk sign turned white. When asked about the motivations behind his feat, Marston gave a cavalier response that only an accomplished extreme sportsman could. “Well, the walk sign was red, but I didn’t see any cars so I just went ahead and crossed. I knew that I would be walking on the fine line of life and death, but sometimes you just have to follow your gut and do what your heart tells you to do no matter the cost” said Marston.

This asinine stunt was captured on film by nearby spectator Dan Campbell, who is outspoken about the courage and bravery that his classmate showed during this epic ordeal. “The little speaker near the street kept telling him to wait, but something inside of John just seemed to light on fire and he took that first step and never looked back. To think that a guy like that is my classmate seems impossible. I didn’t know we offered a major to be a professional stuntman”, Campbell said. One onlooker saw not only the recklessness of this action, but also its illegality and called the police to report a jay-walking violation. Despite the recent efforts to crack down on jay-walking in the campus area, MUPD elected not to issue a citation. “This guy is nothing short of an American hero. We all need the confidence to take that first step in life, and this guy shows that once you get the courage to take that leap, good things will follow. I salute young Mr. Marston and hope he can continue to inspire us all” said MUPD Officer Jerry O’Gorman.

Reports confirm that the video taken of Marston’s triumph over fear has gone viral with over 2 million views on YouTube and an appearance on Scott Van Pelt’s ESPN segment “Best Thing I Saw Today”.

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