"Hamilton" movie announces cast of white rappers

The Broadway smash-hit Hamilton: An American Musical has been the biggest cultural sensation of the last year. It is not surprising that it will be getting the Hollywood treatment next year in Hamilton: An American Musical: the American Movie. The historical Hip-hop musical that re-imagined the founding fathers as a diverse cast of people of color is getting re-re-imagined back into white people.

"Whenever you adapt something to a movie, you need to make some changes," said Digital Media student and film snob Glenn Schwimmer. "If you want that cinematic, Hollywood aesthetic, you need to cast famous white people."

Similar changes have been made in film adaptations, such as Dr. Stange, Aloha, and Matt Damon Saves China. Producer David Kaine says the casting has nothing to do with race.

"For a movie like this, we needed the biggest, most marketable stars in Hip-hop," said Kaine. "Personally, I can't think of any other cast that could do justice to these characters. Not a single other cast."

The movie will star G-Eazy in the titular role of Alexander Hamilton, along with Hoodie Allen as Aaron Burr, Sean Daly of Atmosphere as George Washington, and Eminem as Thomas Jefferson.

"These rappers embody their characters even in their own music," Kaine continued. "When I first saw the kid from Twenty One Pilots in the "Stressed Out" music video, I knew he was perfect for Hercules Mulligan. They both wear hats!"

The first cast photo of "Hamilton." (left to right) Sean Daly, G-Eazy, Eminem, Tyler Joseph, and Hoodie Allen.

The only other cast members announced are Iggy Azalea as Angelica Schuyler and Miley Cyrus as Eliza Schuyler. There are rumors that Macklemore, Yelawolf, and Mac Miller could appear as well, but nothing is confirmed yet. TMZ reported that Pitbull auditioned for a role, but he did not get a callback.

"A lot of people don't seem to understand that we are colorblind when we cast," said Kaine. "That's the way it should be. Getting worked up about Iggy Azalea playing Angelica would be like getting worked up about her winning best rap album at the Grammys, and nobody did that."

The first official shot from the movie. Azalea as Angelica Schuyler in 1776 New York.

Fans are already voicing their issues with the film's diversity, but Kaine says their anger is misplaced. "Our cast is very diverse. Sean Daley from Atmosphere is like a quarter black," Kaine said. "But people are still getting angry. I guess some people will never be satisfied."

Photos by Ian Schrank

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