Marquette student has “always been a Cubs fan”

MILWAUKEE- Hailing from a suburb of Chicago, and having attended a game once, Marquette junior Sadie Fuller has reportedly always been a Cubs fan.

“Baseball is huge in my hometown of Oak Park, Illinois, so it has usually been among my top ten favorite sports,” Fuller said. “Now with the Olympics being over, it’s definitely top seven.”

The junior has often been seen wearing her Kris Bryant t-shirt jersey while strolling down Wisconsin Avenue, and sources confirm she has even been spotted donning a Cubs hat during on campus social events.

“Sure they’re having a record season, and I know I only just bought my Cubs gear last week, but I’ve always been a Cubs fan,” said Fuller.

Longtime friend Jeff Richards confirmed speculation that Fuller has been a lifelong Cubs fan.

“I mean, I’ve never seen her watch a Cubs game on T.V. and I’m pretty sure she couldn’t name a player if she tried, but she’s totally a Cubs fan… I think. It was definitely either that or the White Sox.”

While Fuller has found nirvana in wearing her attire, she has faced doubters, and has even been shunned by some of her friends for her bold fashion statements.

“Why can’t she wear Blackhawks t-shirt jerseys like the rest of us?” said high school classmate of Fuller, and ex ‘best friend forever for lyfe’ Carly McNeil.

In response to the haters, Fuller planned an act of defiance, and ordered even more Cubs gear for the upcoming MLB Postseason. Tragically, she confused the logos of Chicago’s MLB and NFL teams, and is now the sad owner of eight Jay Cutler Chicago Bears jerseys.

“A lot of people call me a bandwagon fan just because I started wearing Cubs gear this year when they’ve been really good,” said Fuller. “That couldn’t be further from the truth, I’ve always been a big fan of our third baseman Kobe Bryant.”

At press time, Fuller revealed that her current favorite Cubs player is Babe Ruth.

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