MUSG sparks controversy by not showing Bee Movie at Varsity Theater

Every year, the Marquette University Student Government shows a great selection of new movies that are free to Marquette students. Students look forward to the release of the movie lineup each semester, but this year it was met with unprecedented hostility for its exclusion of the 2007 film Bee Movie.

Students made it loud and clear their dissatisfaction with the lack of Bee Movie in the lineup. Junior Stacy Gibbs says this reaction was a long time coming.

"This will be my third year at Marquette, and I have never once seen Bee Movie offered in the MUSG free movie series," said Gibbs. "I have gone to every MUSG event I could since I was a freshman. I had a lot of fun, but I always secretly hoped each event would end up being a surprise screening of Bee Movie."

Many dissatisfied students like Gibbs took to twitter to share their anger, using #BeeTheDifference.

Some students even took the exclusion of the film personally, tweeting about what it means for their Bee heritage.

This is not the first time a movement like this has taken place at Marquette, according to alumni Chet Walsh.

"Back in '78, we protested about Bee Movie just like the students are doing today," said Walsh. "We all stood out in Central Mall chanting and singing with our signs. It was a much different time, we didn't have anything like Twitter."

MUSG has yet to respond to the controversy. You can keep up with the discussion by following the Golden Seagull on Twitter, and you can get involved by signing the petition.

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