Propaganda Car has big plans for new year

MILWAUKEE - After a long summer of spouting his hate speech on an empty Marquette campus, Brother Ron looks forward to receiving just about the same amount of attention once school begins in August.

Brother Ron, better known as the “that guy that drives around campus in the car plastered with the weird stickers” is a staple on Marquette’s campus, and Milwaukee in general.

“My day really hasn’t begun until I’ve seen the propaganda car roll around campus,” said Marquette senior Jessica Bowman.

For Ron, the job is all about dedication and duty. He knows his messages aren’t universally accepted, but he aims to win some people over.

“It’s hard spouting hate filled messages on a daily basis, but someone has to do it,” Ron says. “I just want to make sure the kids know it’s okay to hate people who are different than you.”

Despite his devotion to the job, spreading a hate filled agenda isn’t easy as it seems. “Last week I drove past the statue of Father Marquette, and even he pulled out his phone and pretended to be texting someone to ignore my existence,” Ron said.

Beginning this semester, in an effort to attract millennials, he is excited to be expanding his arsenal of truth. He will be doing so by creating a social media presence on Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, and even LinkedIn.

In addition to creating an online presence, he’ll also be completely revamping his car. Most notably, he’ll be adding what have been described as “sick new rims,” and will be featuring a stuffed animal silverback gorilla on the top of his car. This is an action intended to honor the late Harambe, a silverback gorilla shot at a zoo enclosure May 28.

“I believe the injustice to Harambe is actually a government cover up. The zookeeper, the judges, the politicians, they’re all liars,” Ron said.

For many Marquette students, Ron’s frequent on campus appearances have grown on them. Despite his rough exterior and blatant disregard of social etiquette, many think that deep down, he has a heart of gold.

“Yeah he seems like kind of a dick, but hey, at least he stops for red lights,” sophomore Andrew Eckert said.

At the end of the day, Brother Ron is just a man on a mission to make the general public aware of the facts.

“I just want people to know the truth about homosexuality, 9/11, and the government. A lot of people don’t know that Cheney made money on the war, and I intend to change that.”

At press time, Ron revealed he will be upgrading his car to a 2016 Corvette Stingray at the end of the year.

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