Higher tuition rates allow Marquette to invest in big-ass signs

Marquette University announced earlier this year that tuition rates would increase for all undergraduate students. According to this week's university newsletter, officials have decided to use the new money to cover the campus in big-ass signs.

The big-ass signs will be placed both inside and outside of buildings. Signs on buildings like Schroeder Hall and the 707 Building can be seen from several blocks away and will be impossible to avoid.

"Big-ass signs are something that the university has needed for a very long time," said president of the Wisconsin Sign Enthusiasts Gary Fleming. "This announcement should be able to reassure students and parents that their money is being well spent."

The University newsletter went on to say that there are plans put up even more big-ass sign as time goes on

"These signs are all kinds of huge," said Fleming. "The 'Be the Difference' sign has a B the size of my head, but the 'Big Ideas' sign has a B the size my whole body!"

Some students have complained about the increase in tuition. It is only a 3.5 percent change, but it comes out to an addition $1,280 paid by each student a year. "These are the people who need to see these signs," said Fleming. "Once they do, they'll realize it's all worth it."

Photos by Ian Schrank

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