Student impressed with Marquette's geographic diversity

PALATINE- After a recent campus visit, incoming Marquette freshman James Hendricks was reportedly blown away by the University’s student demographic diversity.

“It’s amazing! In the short amount of time I’ve been there I’ve met kids from Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, and even as far away as Omaha… wherever that is,” said Hendricks.

Marquette’s diverse community, which features students from more than five states allows individuals to thrive as themselves, even though they’re in a new environment.

“I’m eager to share my unusual cultural background,” said Hendricks. “Being from a suburb of Chicago is something that makes me unique compared to all the other students at Marquette. It’s how I’ll be able to stand out, and be the difference.”

Hendricks reported that he’s particularly looking forward to sharing his unique love of Portillo’s, Giordano's, and especially the Cubs and the Blackhawks with his new Marquette friends.

At this point, the only concern is the distance that will be placed between him and his beloved hometown when he starts school in the fall.

“I’m a little worried about being so far away from home. 80 miles is a long way,” said Hendricks.

In recent years, Marquette’s diversity initiative has been particularly successful in student recruitment, especially in bringing in students from all across the nation.

“One of the aspects we’re most proud of is our University’s geographic diversity. This year we have an incoming student from Florida. How crazy is that? To have a student who actually sees the sun for more than two months will be incredible,” said Rebecca Swanson, head of Marquette recruiting efforts.

Further investigation revealed the student was actually from Lafayette County, Wisconsin, not Lafayette County Florida.

At press time, the University admissions board was excited to announce that they’d managed to “snag like, one or two kids from each coast.”

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