McCormick to be replaced with a new building shaped like a handle of Fireball

MILWAUKEE – Marquette University announced on Sunday that McCormick Hall will be replaced with new residence hall shaped like a handle of Fireball. The $96 million plan to replace the classic “beer can’ was announced earlier this spring.

“We are very excited for the new building,” said Director of Housing and Residence Life Mary Janz during Sunday’s press conference. “It is designed to house over 750 freshmen and sophomores and look exactly a bottle of the cinnamon whiskey drink.”

The building is set to be built in the lot between 18th and 19th next to Humphrey Hall. A handle of Fireball has already been purchased from Westtown Market for workers to use as reference, but it has yet to be decided if they will drink it before or after construction.

“An upperclassman I know went to buy it for me,” explained President Michael Lovell, who Skyped into the press conference due to previous circumstances. “I paid him upfront and gave him a $5 tip.”

While many are excited for the new building, there are those who will miss McCormick. “McCorms was my home. It’s hard to imagine that new freshmen will never get to experience it,” said Junior Ryan Preston. “It blew my mind how I could be drinking from a beer can while in the beer can. It was like beer-ception! You know, like the movie.”

Construction will begin this academic year and is expected to be completed in 2020. McCormick is scheduled to be demolished after the new building opens.

“I’m sure the new dorm will be fine, it is just not what I would have chosen” said Preston. “Jack Fire is better."

Photo by Ian Schrank.

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